From Business Cards to Billboards

G&L Printing Services has the ability to print any project regardless of its size; no job is too small or too large for us. With our unbeatable pricing and printing ability, you will never have to search for another printing company again.

  • Busines Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead

  • Newsletters, Reports, Documents

  • Folders, Forms, Sticky Notes

  • Stamps, Magnets, Stickers

  • Postcards, Flyers, Posters

  • Signs, Banners, Billboards

  • Booklets, Books, Publications

  • Calendars, Notepads, Forms

  • And much more!

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In-House Printing

At G&L we have our own digital press which allows us to offer fast turn around time on small or large orders.

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Printing Technology

Offset Printing
The most common printing process today the workhorse! It offsets ink from metal plates to a rubber blanket (cylinder) to the paper.
Think "fine stationery." Produces the sharpest image of all. Engrave, signs, name badges, promotional items and so much more.
Thermograph Printing
Raised printing, less expensive than engraving. Uses special powder that’s adhered to any color ink. Mainly used for stationery products and business cards. Also known as embossed printing.
A general term covering copying and duplicating. We take your originals and make duplicates of them. This is how we make photocopies of your projects.
Digital Printing
The newest printing process and the least understood! Includes all processes that use digital imaging to create printed pieces. Doesn’t use films. (Think desktop to the digital press.) For short-run, fast-turnaround jobs.
Letterpress Printing
Printing includes things like rubber stamps, and small signs (images on the plate are higher than the surface).
Screen Printing
Silk-screening printing is Ink forced through a screen following a stencil pattern. Used for ring binders, t-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards and so on.
Special type of printing for packaging products. The plates used are flexible. Products include cardboard boxes, grocery bags, gift wrap can and bottle labels.
Prints directly from cylinder to paper. Used when printing for millions of impressions think magazines, newspapers, and direct mail catalogues.